About Me

Monique Sarfity

Artist Statement

 My work has always focused on the beauty and complexities of the human form and its infinite representations. I strive to go beyond a simple physical representation and explore the emotions and personality of my subjects by looking beyond surface appearance and finding the quieter qualities that pull the viewer in.

After receiving training in both oil and figurative painting, I gradually migrated towards a more rustic approach to figurative representation, beginning with experimentation in collage that combined painting and paper techniques and eventually moving into mosaic work. I currently fluctuate between the two mediums, incorporating a unique blend of classic and innovative techniques with traditional and unexpected materials.

The transition from painting to collage to mosaic has allowed me to explore my love of all things contradictory: the balance between beauty/chaos, rustic/refined, broken/whole. The act of breaking/ripping materials and reconfiguring them to make a newly connected whole is an extremely labor intensive yet satisfying process that connects me to my subjects on a deeper level by building them layer-by-layer and one small piece at a time.

 Artist Biography

 Born and raised in New Jersey, Monique decided from an early age to rebel against her math loving family and commit herself to a life in the arts. Determined to soak up as much art exposure as possible, she has dedicated the past 15 years to artistic based training, teaching and travel. In 2009, Monique was awarded the Geraldine R. Dodge Artist Fellowship, which gave her the opportunity to study both ancient and modern mosaic techniques in Ravenna, Italy, the believed birthplace of mosaic art. The experience shifted the entire focus and direction of her work and since then she has been continuously experimenting with all things mosaic; from fine art to functional installations. Monique holds advanced degrees in both Fine Arts and Art Education and has been teaching art in the NJ public school system for the past decade. She currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.